Activate your customers and employees...


Difficult times call for strong vision & leadership

What have you done recently to engage with the people in your business? Be it your customers or employees? 

Organise a quick-to-setup fitness drive today and activate your people!


Healthy employees stay with you

Investing in your employees helps improve their productivity & morale while reducing likelihood of churn!


Start SMall but make a move

You don't need a massive budget to achieve engagement - just choose a simple, fun activity/challenge and build from there

Hear from a Walk With You customer

Our Offerings

Meeting your needs

Starter Pack

  • Fixed fee per registered participant

  • Ideal for 25 - 500 participants

  • Free cancellation up to 7 days before event


  • Fixed fee per registered participant

  • Ideal for 25 - 500 participants

  • Certificates for winners and participants

  • Memorable medals for Top 3

  • Free cancellation up to 14 days before the event

Enterprise Fitness

If you are a super employer or an organisation that needs a bespoke fitness & wellbeing solution - then get in touch for a discussion!