BodyWeight Exercises To Enhance Your Fitness( Burn Your Fat Down)-

Updated: Jun 23

Having a bump sitting at home? Getting a lot of fat around different body parts while working from home? Or having a lot of hazardous health problems due to excessive weight??

Here are some bodyweight exercises that can certainly help you out, to get out of such health issues and get fit, even while staying at home all day, due to the covid-19 going out there….And also as compared to the joint relucting gym exercises, bodyweight exercises are more beneficial and good for your health and fat burn. So here are some of those exercises that you can inculcate in your daily life to enhance your fitness-

1.High - Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

You may have heard about it earlier many times, but like in simpler terms it basically means doing your exercises and workouts in small intervals of time, like the intensity of the breaks should be less to give you best out of the workout and exercises you are doing. And the best thing about the HIIT workouts is that it doesn't requires any gym equipments and it easily can be done by bodyweight exercises and it also increases your body metabolism for much longer periods.

2.Surya Namaskara

Surya namaskara is a yoga asana which helps in losing body weight pounds by focusing on different body parts. With 12 different poses, this asana strengthens your ligaments and also your skeleton structure. And besides helping your body physically, this asana also takes care of your mental health by reducing stress and increasing your focus strength and this asana is of utmost importance to people doing yoga.


It would sound unrealistic, but a walk for 30 mins, can help you lose upto 150 calories per day. So it wouldn't be any harm to add a half an hour walk to your daily routine. While thinking of losing weight, we never think of walking as a factor, but trust us its a major factor in your weight loss. And to keep a track of your walk, your daily goals and your calories burnt you can use step tracking applications like WALK WITH YOU. They help in accurate step measurement and even calculates your calories burnt, free of cost! So put up your walking shoes on and get start with your walking.


No cardio workout can be completed without burpees. They put up a challenge for every body part and puts up your heart beat up really fast, helping you out to loose weight and be fit. And according to a research, a minute of burpee helps reducing 10 calories per minute. If you are doing 10-15 reps in a minute, then its the best fat losing exercise out there, obviously doing it in perfect form and shape

So, these four exercises which use your body weight excessively, will certainly help you out for a perfect fat burn and you can see the results while being patient and for getting an accurate measure of your calories burn you can use the Walk With You application

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