Fitness Exercises You Can Do With Common Household Objects-

Updated: Jun 23

Fitness nowadays, or specifically in these pandemic times has been a challenge for everyone. With closed gym and fitness centers and also with fear of contamination going on, not many people are able to keep up with their fitness and health. So in such scenarios healthcare and fitness becomes important to keep yourself sane and here Walk With You - Fitness Step Tracker Application offers some awesome and easy ways to keep up with your Strength Training with simple household objects:

1.Gallon Water Bottles:-

With a rough estimate of around 8 pounds in a gallon, two gallons filled water bottles in your hand, you can easily substitute it with a dumbbell and can easily go for your original dumbbell exercise, at the convenience of your home. With an ease to grip, and fit the water bottles are a great fit for being fit at home.

2.Length Of Ropes:-

There is no requirement of suspension trainers, if you have a length of ropes with you. On a steady tree, branch, or anyplace, where you could find a body handling weight, you can easily fit the rope and can do assisted push ups, suspension planks and pull-ups.

And for more safety, you can put a knot on both sides to improve your grip and also will help to do your exercises faster.


We all have heard that a child's backpack feels like a 100 pounds heavy…..It literally can be true, as backpacks are a good fit for your fitness at home, by simply putting books, canned food or other heavy things in the bag and you can easily tuck it around your back, and can do your home chores or even pushups, crunches and squats with the backpack on. And besides that you can also perform curls and shoulder presses by grasping the straps of the bag.

4.Paper Plates-

You may find it astonishing, how could a paper plate help you out in a fitness exercise at home?? But it is a fact that while doing forward lunges you can make your lunges more difficult by putting paper plates beneath your front foot, which will reduce the friction and would make your lunges more difficult and fruitful. And besides that also for any body exercise, if you are doing it on a carpet or some smooth surface, so you could put paper plates to create more output for you by increased friction.

Though it may seem that you won't be able to workout at home with these household stuffs, a good Spotify playlist and a step tracker like Walk With You can easily help you achieve your step tracking and fitness goals even at home….. with a precision of your step measure.!!

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