How having a walking buddy might make the 10K goal seem effortless?

With a pandemic having edged its way deeper into our normal lives, successfully establishing a new normal, the need for being physically fit and active has reached an all time high. Along this new normal came another change in our mindset towards working out; home workouts and walking became the new talk of the town. People all across the country started collectively choosing to create modified workouts which would fit their needs in the safety of their homes and made their community gardens their own cardio gyms. After having to stay at home for quite a few months, and without any gyms open near them, walking gained its well deserved popularity over time, and now almost everyone ensures that they go for a walk as much as they can. But to keep this motivation during such unsure/grim times is a hard thing to do, and here's where having an accountability partner for walking comes into play.

Who is an accountability partner?

An accountability partner offers a way for people to connect despite the isolation. Accountability partners are people with the same (or similar) goals who have agreed to cooperate and support each other in order to achieve said goals. The partnership is a smart trick for anyone who would otherwise brush off the tasks in order to achieve the goals by talking themselves out of it. Often Accountability Partners exchange commitments to help one another follow through.

How can it help in walking?

In various studies, it has been found that not having someone to check on you or hold you accountable for your goals has led to non achievement. On the other hand, having a buddy either a stranger/family member/friend has often led for people to stay on the path and achieve the said goals.The 10k/7k or 5k goals, whatever it is that you wish to achieve can only happen if you're determined enough. But when determination or any sort of motivation does not help, a walking buddy can step in that. For instance, if you're on a solo trip you'd always count the hours to reach the destination whereas if you're with someone you're more focused on the journey and the memories than the destination. That's how having someone along you in your fitness journey might help you keep a track of your activities. Ultimately, accountability also helps individuals realize that it’s about them, not about the other person. You can download our app -WALK WITH YOU to find that one accountability partner and stay fit. For more details visit our website -

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