How I lost weight, got fitter without working hard for it 🤷‍♂ #lockdownTales

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Lockdown has been anything but pleasant. An unforeseen and unplanned transition from meeting colleagues and friends on a daily basis to not seeing any other soul outside of your household for months at a stretch has been tough, so much so that I’m convinced that the introvert in me (~48.49%) is in fact just the tired extrovert!

Old bucket lists meant for stretch life goals got scrapped. In new ones, “A trip to the Arctic” was replaced by “A family reunion / large gathering of people from different households”!

Despite all that, I am incredibly grateful for the good health of my family and friends. I’m pleasantly surprised by something else too, I lost weight and a few inches from my waist. I feel lean and take less space now, “improving” my chances (I’m sure only very slightly if any) of being socially distanced in a busy metropolitan! 💪

The reason I’m surprised is that I didn’t work hard for it at all! All I did was walk regularly and eat at home.

Pre-lockdown (~Feb/Mar), I weighed ~71 Kg or 156 Pounds. My BMI landed me in the overweight category. During lockdown (Feb/Mar to Jun), I shed ~6 Kgs or 13 Pounds. Still overweight, but only very slightly. Pretty good, eh?! Ok, so how did I do that? Well, I’ll give you some numbers. But first, because, I wasn’t consciously attempting weight loss I don’t have my calorie intake but I can assure you I was well fed (thanks to my dear wife). I do have my step log though, using an app called Walk With You (aka W2Y).

Median Steps (50%ile) increased too from 5406 before Feb to 5950 during lockdown — which goes to show that it wasn’t one or two crazy walking days driving up my daily avg. 😎

W2Y sets daily walk goals too. They are tailored for you (based on your walk history) intended to be a little aggressive. With so much health data captured by our smartwatches, phones, yada yada, why should our step goals be static?! Arbitrary 10,000 step goals feel out of step 😎 with current times!

That said, I didn’t do as well as I thought I did against my recommended goals. I beat my daily goal only ~42% time. Unsurprisingly, on weekends I fared better, beating my goal 50% of the time. Data also suggests I beat my goal about 3 days/week on average. Not very inspiring if you ask me.

What is inspiring though (or maybe not) is getting out walked almost daily by your father. See this week’s step comparison below, a screenshot from the app. It’s the same story every week — the one certainty in these uncertain times! My dad doesn’t stop bragging about it either…

Screenshot of our family group on WALK WITH YOU. You can create your group very easily. Think of friends, family, and colleagues.

Right, so we have established that I walked more during the lockdown, only beat the continuously evolving bespoke daily goal recommended by W2Y about 42% of the time, was comprehensively outwalked by my father, yet ended up losing weight and becoming leaner. Hmm.

I firmly believe that both walking more and eating healthy, contributed equally to achieving this positive outcome. And that’s what I’m most excited about. This was all an organic output of my relatively easy-going lifestyle during the lockdown, so I’m confident that I can sustain it and keep my weight in check (with of course some restaurant cheat days, oh c’mon don’t judge!) going forward. Hope is a good thing, right?!

Thanks for reading!

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